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New Year New Idea!

  I know we are well into the year 2015 but I am really excited to announce an endeavor for me. I have recently opened an etsy store.  This has been something I have been thinking about and by many … Continue reading

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Is it time for spring cleaning already?

I had this grand idea to clean up and organize my studio space. Thinking I would have tons more space to work and tons of new inspiration to create! Well I have a sore back does that count? First I … Continue reading

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What does a knitting designer do to relax?

Think about it. When you have had a bad day at work or school, what do you do when get home. Sit down and knit, or spin or make something. When a designer has a bad day, at least for … Continue reading

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Let the crafting begin!

I can’t remember when the crafting bug hit me. Ask my mother when I lived at home she could never find her tape and scissors. Over the years I have tried pottery to stained glass to leather work to painting. … Continue reading

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