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Fine Art is fine sock yarn

    I have a bit of a confession to make……   I love socks! For as long as I can remember I have loved socks, the crazier the better. As a matter of fact I usually wear socks and … Continue reading

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Rowan and Crochet?

  When you think about working with Rowan your first thought might be as mine was. What are we going to knit today?  Well today I am going to talk about my new favorite yarn and crochet?   This past … Continue reading

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Year of the Spindle -Just spinning along

I often get asked “If you have spinning wheels and love to make yarn why on earth would you spin on a spindle it’s so much slower?” So let me answer in one word – Because! So why after having … Continue reading

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Free day! What to do?

Today what one of the first free Saturdays that I have had in a long time.  Ok I really can’t remember when I had the last one. So when I woke up I thought a bit about what I wanted … Continue reading

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Rowan-ing a long

  I have to say as a goal for the year knitting with Rowan is really not hard work at all. It’s a real joy. I came across this pattern a few months ago and was waiting for the perfect … Continue reading

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New Year New Idea!

  I know we are well into the year 2015 but I am really excited to announce an endeavor for me. I have recently opened an etsy store.  This has been something I have been thinking about and by many … Continue reading

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Another Year of Rowan Project – Sort of…

  As you know this is my year of Rowan. Just as a reminder I am using for the most part only Rowan yarns or Rowan patterns.  This technically isn’t a 2015 Rowan project, because I knit it back in … Continue reading

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