Stage 6 Let the fiber keep spinning!


Today was a busy one for me so I wasn’t able to spin near the amount that I would like to have done.  Most of my morning was in just about every store buying food for a house full of teenagers. Needless to say when I got home I needed a bit of a rest. But this evening I was able to finally sit down and get a bit of spinning done. I will admit I was looking forward to today’s samples. I have never seen let alone herd of Karakul  and I would have to say BFL is one, in not my go to fiber to spin.

But before I get to the samples as promised I will share with you a picture of my solar dyeing. I am pretty pleased with how they both came out. The skein of yarn is a wool/bamboo/nylon blend. I really wish the picture captured the sheen that is in this yarn. Its very denim blue and I know it will make great socks at some point.  Second the roving, I normally don’t get a nice grey in my dyeing but I think this one works well with the light teal. The bump is 8 ounces so I am thinking it would make a great shawl. 


Now on to my samples.


I’m not sure what I was expecting when I first saw and touched this fiber. It really is more of a hair than a down. I know I was thinking it would be hard to process and spin because the staple length was over 10 inches long.  I decided to forgo trying to card it so I got my flicker brush out and tried that but it wasn’t all that successful either. What I ended up doing was combing it with my flicker. By combing I found it to be very easy to open the fibers and spin from there. I also did something a bit different from my normal; I spun it from the fold. As you can see the sample (two toned cream and brown) doesn’t look all that soft but surprisingly it really is wearable.  I really enjoyed spinning this sample. I’m not sure yet what I would like to make with it, but if and when I find a fleece I know I will think of something. On the scale of 1 to 10 I would say this is a 7.

Bluefaced Leicester (BFL)

Like I said before I love to BFL. It really is one of my go to fibers to spin. I love the staple length and the sheen, it takes dye beautifully and it’s just fun to spin. This fiber sample again wasn’t the best I have come across, but I still forged on by carding and spinning the sample. I really don’t think this was a full ounce sample I would say it’s more like ½ ounce. The locks were very tightly held together more like ringlets and there were lots of broken tips that I had to remove before the carding and spinning started. Having said that it wasn’t all that hard to card and spin. On my scale of 1 to 10 BFL is a 10. If you haven’t spun it before give it a try trust me you’ll love it.

Tomorrow I will work with Border Leicester and English Leicester and here is a sneak peek of what I will be spinning.



About yarnsnthreads

Melanie is a fiber artist by profession, a person of faith by choice, she is always looking for something new to learn so she reads and reads. As a fiber artist she has had more than 20 years experience as a Hands on fiber artist and fiber arts teacher specializing in crochet, knitting, and spinning, and weaving. She has taught classes through various yarn stores, Community Education Programs, as well as in 4 H programs around the Treasure Valley and Idaho. She also spent several years as a pattern tester for numerous yarn and design companies. She is also the lead designer for Yarns N Threads Fiber Mill and With all her fiber arts you would think that she would have no more room in her life for other interests and things to learn, this blog is about all parts of Melanie’s life. You will never know what might be on her mind so come back often and see what she is up to now.
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One Response to Stage 6 Let the fiber keep spinning!

  1. Mokihana says:

    I just bought a small Border Leicester fleece, lightly skirted. I skirted it some more and it’s now soaking in some cold water. I’ll probably wash it tomorrow. Doing the cold water soaks helps save our septic system and was suggested by the breeder.

    Really enjoying your blog posts!

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