One Word


A newish trend of late is to instead of coming up with a long list of resolutions on January 1. So that we can better our selves, of course by January 5 we have given up on them and by February 1 we can’t remember we had list let alone what was on the list. So in an effort some smart person came up with the idea of one word. The idea is to come up with one word to concentrate on for the year. Well let it never be said I’m not trendy.

So I have been thinking about what word would be for 2014. There are so many good ones. Resolve. Learn. Commit. Love. Share. Change. I even toyed with the idea of However. I really hate one rule for everything. So when someone tells me I can’t accomplish something, my first thought is, however, I might just be able to do It. Sometimes we really do need however in our lives. However, you will be happy to know that I did choose another word.

After a fair amount of thought and prayer I decided on the word…


Such a small word but so much meaning. When I think about enjoy my first thought is I do enjoy a lot of things. Knitting. Weaving. Spinning. Reading. Chocolate! Sometimes I enjoy things too much and most likely should enjoy less. But the more I thought about it I really do need to enjoy more.  I am a list maker. I love to get tasks done and scratch them off my list. As a matter of fact I make a “to do” list every week to help me keep on track and get things done. My problem is I don’t always ENJOY the process of getting a task or job done. For years as a fiber arts teach I have told my students to not worry about how long it takes to knit that sweater or weave that shawl or spin that yarn. It’s the process, after all if it was totally about the end result we would be at the mall buying.

So this year I need to stop and ENJOY the process of life. ENJOY reading all the books I want, ENJOY knitting that shawl. ENJOY learning a new thing. ENJOY being with my family and Friends. And yes ENJOY my time at the gym. I think it will help me to ENJOY the end result of all my goals on The List.

What is your word for 2014?


About yarnsnthreads

Melanie is a fiber artist by profession, a person of faith by choice, she is always looking for something new to learn so she reads and reads. As a fiber artist she has had more than 20 years experience as a Hands on fiber artist and fiber arts teacher specializing in crochet, knitting, and spinning, and weaving. She has taught classes through various yarn stores, Community Education Programs, as well as in 4 H programs around the Treasure Valley and Idaho. She also spent several years as a pattern tester for numerous yarn and design companies. She is also the lead designer for Yarns N Threads Fiber Mill and With all her fiber arts you would think that she would have no more room in her life for other interests and things to learn, this blog is about all parts of Melanie’s life. You will never know what might be on her mind so come back often and see what she is up to now.
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3 Responses to One Word

  1. Christa says:

    Melanie I live your Word! I think we as Christians are especially prone to take things so seriously. We really do need to ENJOY our blessings and even ENJOY God’s presence and provision in the dark times. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Melanie I love that you chose the word “enjoy.” What a brilliant choice and really so very vital. So often when do things because we must and we don’t even take a moment to enjoy THE moment. I am so glad you shared your word. I am sorry for not getting to your post until today, but I am certainly glad I did get that chance. Have a wonderful 2014. PS I totally admire your talents. I always dreamed that I would get a chance to try knitting and spinning. Sadly I never lived in an area where the options to learn were there, but someday I will. Be blessed! – Kelly

  3. Sue Molitor says:

    I love your word for this year! God wants us to enjoy our lives! He wants us to enjoy the gifts He has given us! I love it! What a great reminder for us to enjoy all His blessings and every day He gives us! Thank you for sharing this today!

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