The List

As each year comes to an end I like to spend a little bit of time thinking about what the last year was for me.  I must confess I don’t spend a lot of time on this, I would rather think about what is to come. Let’s face it each year brings us ups and downs. We learn things. We enjoy things. Yes we get older too. 2013 was no different for me I reached some goals that I have been working towards for years. I have my dream job work out for me. Although a fiber artist is like any other artist. In other words I won’t be retiring to Fiji anytime soon.  But all in all it has been a joy to “work” everyday this year.

My second daughter graduated this past spring. This is just another reminder of my age.

2013 also brought some tough stuff. I can’t even list all the health issues we as a family dealt with. A minor surgery turned into a summer long recovery. Not to mention drama, teen and family. Like I said I could think about all that or I could look ahead at what could happen in 2014. So this is what I am choosing to do.  

A few months ago I was reading my face book stream and came across a wonderful idea. Why no set one goal for each year of your life. Now some might think this a daunting task but for me it was fun to think about. In my case I would need to come up with 47.

Once I started to put goals on to paper (OK on the computer) they just kept coming. The whole process took me about 20 minutes. Now I do need to explain a bit, not all my goals are life changing, after all not everything we do in life is life changing so I don’t think everything on my list needs to be either. So there are some fun things I want to do, there are some things I want to learn, things I need change and yes there are some life changing things.  When I started my list I divided them up into 4 different areas, Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotion. I didn’t number the list because they are not put into any order of importance.  So without any more adieu here is my list of goals for 2014 or as I call them the List.



Walk in the park as much as possible

Read 2 books on health

Reach my goal weight loss

Drink 64 ounces of water a day

Clean up my diet

Do something each day to relax

Sleep 7 hours a night

Walk a 5K

Ride 10 miles on a bike

Take a hike in the mountains

Attend the gym at least once a week

Read 3 non-fictions books

Read 52 fiction books

Learn a new craft – rug hooking

Get into the red pants

Update my class list

Attend a Christian concert once in 2014

Spin at least 5 minutes a day

Design Victorian shawl

Knit a gansey

Weave a shirt

Make fiber history book

Spin a new fiber

Write 3 articles

Spin up my Spunky fiber each month it comes

Become debt free in 2014

Use up 30% of my stash

List all craft books on Ravelry

List all yarn on Ravelry

List all fiber on Ravelry

Watch a fiber class online or by DVD once a month

Take an online class – something I wouldn’t normally learn about

Learn Bobbin Lace

Learn Tapestry weaving

Read through the Bible in 2014

Pray for church staff/ Volunteers once a week

Pray for family/ friends at least once a week

Be a part of a small group study 4 times in 2014

Pray for missionaries and the persecuted church

Build a saving account

Learn a new type of weaving

Watch Christian movies once a month

Start a shawl/ scarf ministry – make one a month

Start/build a care saving account

Do an act of kindness to a person each week

Journal at least once a week

Start a life blog

My plan is to update my progress on my list at this blog, yes I have already checked one off. I have started a life blog.

My plan for this blog is to show what I am doing. So there will be spinning, knitting, weaving, Bible stuff, weight loss stuff. Really there will be all kinds of stuff about me. So please come back and see what up in my world.


About yarnsnthreads

Melanie is a fiber artist by profession, a person of faith by choice, she is always looking for something new to learn so she reads and reads. As a fiber artist she has had more than 20 years experience as a Hands on fiber artist and fiber arts teacher specializing in crochet, knitting, and spinning, and weaving. She has taught classes through various yarn stores, Community Education Programs, as well as in 4 H programs around the Treasure Valley and Idaho. She also spent several years as a pattern tester for numerous yarn and design companies. She is also the lead designer for Yarns N Threads Fiber Mill and With all her fiber arts you would think that she would have no more room in her life for other interests and things to learn, this blog is about all parts of Melanie’s life. You will never know what might be on her mind so come back often and see what she is up to now.
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